Designer Edit - shop collection by ULUPI

Designer Edit - shop collection by ULUPI

by Desi Royale Team April 29, 2017 3 Comments

Introducing collection by Ulupi.

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This collection is everything that you wish for if not more; from colour palettes,  luxury fabrics to intricate hand painting and embroidery. The excerpt below captures the mere essence of the entire collection. There's something  awe inspiring. Get ready to be teleported into the world of Krishna. 

Her tangled hair on forehead curled,
By threads Krishna interlaced, and hung
From them a pleasing string of pearls;
The nayika, lotus-eyed, did turn
In mirror them to view – perchance
Shri Krishna did at that moment come,
And hidden, on the nayika glanced
Just as she had her task begun:
Thus Keshava that moment describes:
As in the halo of the sun
The halo of the moon did lie,
And in between Triveni ran.
- Rasikapriya, by Keshavadas, 1593 C.E

Here are a few pieces from the collection:


Desi Royale Team
Desi Royale Team


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September 13, 2018

But cost

Abie Bangura
Abie Bangura

February 24, 2018

Very fashionable post


September 19, 2017

Looks like very stylish nicepost.

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