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  • Do you have a wedding coming up?
  • Creating your shopping list from bridal wear, party wear, bags, shoes, chuda, kalire, bangles, bindis, jewellery, etc... ?
  • Trying to find everything local but can’t find what you looking for?
  • Are you thinking the only solution is to take a trip to India? 

Let’s imagine a trip to india:  From trying to figure out logistics, taking time off from work or having to spends thousands on air travel and taxi fare in India on top of that Shopping in India sounds fun but in all honesty can be one of the emotionally and financially draining experience. Finding a trustworthy shop who will not overcharge just because you are from abroad is very rare. Trust me my family has been there and done that. It is one of the most tiring things which takes away from the fun of the wedding. You are in rush to find everything in the limited time you have and under intense pressure to get everything you want for the right price and excellent quality. On of top that you have to deal with brutal traffic and dangerous driving conditions where you are always on the edge that someone is going ram into your car. Also, the food may sound appetizing but you sure will get hit with stomach flu which then will add to the whole shopping experience. When finally shopping is done, the next task is to pack everything up in your suitcase which can explode at any time, because you ended up shopping more than you could fit and then have to leave something behind or have it shipped via courier which is additional cost and hassle. Finally you arrive back home. Try going through customs and be ready to pay hefty customs fee on your purchases.

This is where we come in…. After I got married in December 2013 in India, My wife and I had a realization that after what we went through during our shopping experience, there must be a better solution to our problem and all our friends and families and million other Indians living in North America. So we dedicated our past year and half sourcing and meeting with local suppliers to find the best quality products from suits, lehengas, sarees, bags, wedding supplies and bringing it to North America and open up a one-stop online shop where you can find pretty much anything and everything that you need for your wedding, party and everyday wear.

We have found some of the best suppliers and we are working super hard to find products of immaculate quality. We are committed to expanding our line of products in the coming months so please keep checking regularly for exciting new products added daily to our ever expanding catalogue.

Desi Royale is a family oriented business and we welcome all our customers  suggestions, comments, feedback and ideas. Even if there is something you have always wanted to buy and can't find it on Desi Royale, let us know and we promise we'll do our best to find it for you. Visit our "contact us" page and leave us a suggestion. We are excited to share this amazing journey with you in bringing Indian local market to North America.

Thank you for shopping with us today.

Your Sincerely,

Desi Royale Dream Team


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