Shiva Silver pendant with gemstones

Be blessed with this Lord Shiva pendant. Shiva is the destroyer of evil and the transformer. Lord Shiva is the supreme being who creates, protects and transforms the universe. With this necklace say goodbye to all the negative energies and attract positivity in your life.

The pendant is made of 925 silver and mixed with gold. It comes with the silver chain. Decorated with semi precious Ruby gemstones. This is a statement piece which can be paired with any outfit. Perfect for daily wear. 

Handcrafted by local artisan. Highly detailed hand work throughout the pendant. Pair it up with matching earrings available on Desi Royale.

Material : 925 silver with semi precious Ruby gemstones 

Size : Length - 7 cm, width - 6 cm

Care instructions :

  • Do not bring jewelry in direct contact of perfumes of any type.
  • Store in plastic boxes only, do not use velvet boxes.

Returns : Returnable if damaged.

Made with love. 

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